5 Proven Strategies to Impress Landing Page Visitors

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Everyone who’s currently single or was so in the past would agree with me on this; picking up women is hard work (if you don’t look like the likes of Ryan Reynolds I mean), more so if you step into the battlefield unprepared.

However, it’s a whole different ballgame if you up the ante and put some thought into what you’re going to do and say when you go up to her. Nobody likes to get shot down and when it happens more than twice it just gets pathetic.

So, why am I talking about pickup lines and girls all of a sudden? The process of getting a girl to give you her phone number and setting up a landing page that converts visitors into customers is actually strikingly similar!

If you say and do the right thing, you’ll leave the bar that night with a hot chick’s number on a napkin. If you design your landing page in the right way, you get conversions that put a big fat smile on your face.

How to do it Right?

In order to make things go your way you need to have a plan of action in mind. You’ll need to know your audience to make an impact on them; whether that’s your visitors or a sexy blonde sipping a martini at the bar.

So, here’s how you need to do things:

Rule #1: Look Presentable

Before you walk up to the blonde, make sure you look okay i.e. there are no peanut remnants stuck in your teeth or else you’ll fail as soon as you open your mouth.

On your landing page, this translates into making sure the image that’s gracing your page hits the right cord with your visitors and draws them in.

This also includes the overall aesthetic appeal of your landing page.

Rule #2: Nail the Opening Line

The first words you say to this girl, aka your opening line needs to be the right amount of witty, relevant, and spontaneous to make sure that she doesn’t just walk away. Instead, she’ll stay and have a conversation with you.

The same goes with the one-liner of your landing page i.e. your headline.

Your landing page headline needs to build up curiosity, be relevant to your product or service. For this reason encouraging your visitors to stay on your landing page to consume everything you have to say.

Rule #3: Find Common Ground

Don’t breathe a sigh of relief just because your opening line went smoothly. If you don’t follow it with a good second act, she could very well just stand up and leave. Precisely why you need to make sure that you establish some common ground with her and make everything that’s coming out of your mouth seem interesting to her. Don’t ever RAMBLE though, stay focused!

This is where your landing page copy swoops in; it needs to be relevant, sweet and short. It needs to engage your visitors while relaying the relevant information about your service to them in brief and intriguing doses.

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Rule #4: Share Something Personal

She won’t just give you her number if you don’t tell her some of your details; she needs to trust you before she picks up a pen.

You guessed it right; this is your lead capture form. Before your visitors fill it out, you’ll need to show them that they can trust you. Include a link to your privacy policy under your short form.

Better yet include some testimonials and social proof to show them that you’re legit. Both of these things sort of act like your wingman as they Sing your product’s praises.

Rule #5: Be Precise with The Actual Question

This is your Call to Action button. You’ll need to be smooth about this particular part of the conversation because this is the moment that you’ve been waiting for since you started the rendezvous.

If you’ve done things right in the first four steps then you my friends have opened a window of opportunity and to take advantage of it you need to have a strong call to action.

Relay to her that if she’s interested in you she needs to act now, or you’ll wander off, this is where you’ll find if what you’ve said has actually had an effect on her.

Your landing page CTA button needs to be blatantly apparent.

There you have it chaps, the five rules that help you optimize your landing pages and get beautiful girls to give you their phone numbers.

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