5 Landing Page Headline Tips to Increase Conversions

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Headlines of news stories, articles, blog posts and especially landing pages are extremely important because they essentially set the mood for everything that’s about to come after them. Would you ever pick up a book with a horrible title?

Will you ever read a news piece that doesn’t have an impactful headline? No, you will NOT, why waste your time right? Similarly, if you don’t get your landing page headline correct, your visitors aren’t going to bother with the rest of your page.

Your Landing Page Headline is Your Bait

The end goal of any landing page is to attract visitors; you want to reel them in to your offer and the best way to get them to hook on is to dangle a juicy headline in front of them, which will finally lead them towards your call-to-action. A headline that not only appeals to them but is also relevant to your offer. And because there is so much competition in the market right now, your headline needs to STAND OUT from the rest of the crowd.

The thing with headlines though is that they’re quite tricky to figure out. It is difficult to encapsulate the whole essence of your offer into a single stream of words.

Two Basic Approaches towards Landing Page Headlines

There are basically two ways from which you can approach your landing page headline, you can either be creative or direct. Direct headlines are more practical as they simply state your offer to your visitors for example “Get the Latest Apps For Free”. Direct headlines are received well by visitors who are in a hurry and are simply looking to gain something instead of getting intrigued.

Creative or indirect headlines on the other hand are more subtle and intrigue visitors about your offer; they not only introduce your offer but also entertain your visitors.

Practicality vs Creativity

It’s up to you to decide which approach ties in well with your particular landing page offer. Will building your visitors’ curiosity work or is it better to go with the plain and obvious approach. No matter which approach you go for, the following tips will always come in handy.

Tip #1: Go with the “How To” Option

“How To” headlines can be molded by both approaches, they don’t necessarily have to be direct, you can also interject a little word play and make them fun and unique. These headlines are welcomed by visitors as they tell them right off the bat what your particular offer is about.

Tip #2: Pose a Question

Visitors flock towards a landing page that poses a question that they had in their mind all along and wanted an answer for. Again, while asking your visitors a question in your headline you can choose to be both practical and creative.

Tip #3: Mix in Humor

Laughter is the best medicine and you can use it in your landing page headline to pump some energy into your conversions. Mix around some words and inject some flavor into your headline. If you put a smile on your visitor’s face, you increase the chances of him hitting your CTA. With the humorous headline, though, you can only go with the creative approach.

Tip #4: Provide Them With Reasons

Give your visitors reasons why they should read the rest of your landing page and click on your Call-to-Action. Tell them right away in your headline why they should choose you.

Tip #5: Tell Them What They Are Dying To Hear

Of course you already know who you target market is before you set out to write your landing page and your headline. Armed with the knowledge of what your target audience really wants to hear, you can come up with an eye catching and effective headline for your landing page that impresses and intrigues your visitors.

With the help of these 5 tips you can come up with an impressive headline for your landing page that locks in customers for you!

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