5 Elements of a Winning Sales Page Template

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It’s in our nature to crave perfection.

We just want to come out on top no matter what we’re doing; whether we are finishing off our school assignment, entering a beauty contest or setting up our sales landing page.

Let’s put beauty contests and school work aside for a while and focus solely on sales landing pages, because as a marketer that’s all you have to worry about.

And why do you have to worry about landing pages and your sales page template?

Because the future of all your offers and campaigns rests on the sales page template that you decide to put in front of your visitors.

Whether they choose to respond positively to your campaigns or not is up to them, but you can tilt the scales in your favor by choosing a sales page template that they just can’t turn down; a page that persuades them to click on the Call to Action button in a snap!

Want to get in on building a strong sales landing page, don’t you? Of course you do, after all you’re only human and all you’re seeking is perfection.

Perfection in your sales page, perfection in your campaign and finally perfection in your conversions.

Quite a beautiful picture I just painted right? Well then let’s get started.

The Sales Page Template Element Countdown

I just like how countdowns work, so let’s just go through the perfect sales page template’s elements like a countdown.

There are 5 factors that work together to make up a perfect sales page template:

5. A Quick Lead Capture Form

Most lead capture forms simply scare your visitors away because of their unbelievable length. Nobody has the time to sit down and fill some boring old contact form, so when it comes time to put a contact form on your landing page, think short and quick!

Only ask your visitors details that are vital to your campaign, don’t go looking for something you have no use for.

4. A Vibrant Graphic

An engaging and relevant graphic is a must addition to your landing page. A good idea could be to include an image of your product or service being used on your sales landing page as this would give your visitors visual proof of how your product is going to make their lives better.

No matter what image you end up putting on your landing page, just make sure that it invokes an emotional response in your readers and is also relevant to your campaign.

3. Interesting Copy

Your copy is what makes up most of your landing page, which is why it needs to be done in just the right way. Your landing page copy should be able to explain and describe to your visitors what your product/service is going to give them and how they’ll go about using it, the copy should not be dry and monotonous.

Your copy needs to get your visitors all excited about your offer and not bore them to death; so try to make it short and interesting.

Another option that you can try out is replacing your landing page copy with a video as video landing pages have their set of advantages.

2. An Eye-Grabbing Headline

Think of your landing page headline like you would a newspaper or a magazine headline. Not only does your headline need to be eye-grabbing, it should be able to speak to your visitors in order for them to even consider buying your product.

Include interesting stats in your headline; ask your visitors questions that your service is an answer to. Bottom line just reel them in so that they hit your CTA button.

1. A CTA Button That Calls Out To Your Visitors

We’re finally at the end of our countdown; what every perfect Sales Page Template needs is a Call to Action Button that persuades your visitors to click on it. Now in order for your CTA button to do that it needs to be three things;

Now that you know what goes into a perfect Sales Page all you have to do is set one up. And what better way to do this than with Instapage.

How to Use Instapage to Build Your Sales Page

If you’re looking to build the perfect sales page, there is no other landing page platform out there that can even come near to understanding all your landing page needs better than Instapage.

Instapage offers all marketers an easy to use landing page builder that enables them to build sales landing pages for all their campaigns and offers even if they don’t know the first thing about HTML.

Yes, that’s right there’s no need for you to hire 4 different web developers to help design and shape up your sales pages, everything can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse in just a couple of minutes!

You get everything done so quickly with Instapage because the platform offers you a wide range of sales page templates that you can choose from.

And all these templates include the 5 winning elements mentioned above, so all you have to do is click the edit button and personalize your particular sales page template as you see best.

The best thing about these sales page templates is the fact that Instapage doesn’t just offer you a single type of sales page template but different kinds so you can simply pick the one that you like best.

Want to see what perfect sales landing pages look like? Well, here goes…

So, just make use of Instapage sales page templates and you’ll definitely come on top!

If you’re interested in reading up on what goes into a sales landing page to make it work, sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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