How to Use the Instapage 404 Page Feature to Get Conversions

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A typical 404 page looks something like this:

It tells the visitor they have landed on a wrong URL and that they need to go back.

End of story, end of marketing opportunity, end of conversions.

Well, not anymore. Enter Instapage.

We believe every page you create should be optimized — including your 404 page.

The Instapage 404 landing page option in WordPress allows you to create conversion-worthy 404 pages with a few simple clicks. The feature gives you the opportunity to collect leads from pages most marketers think to be dead ends.

Why is the 404 page WordPress plugin feature important?

With the 404 page WordPress plugin, you can set any page as your 404 page. This gives you an additional opportunity to acquire customers — even on a page that’s infamous for visitor abandonment.

Typically when a visitor lands on a 404 page, there are no navigation links on the page to take the visitor back to where he or she was previously. In those instances, the visitor essentially has two options:

  1. Press the back button and revert to the previous page
  2. Try to open the link again

In reality, visitors rarely do either one. They likely abandon the page and forget about it.

With the Instapage 404 page feature, you’ll be able to create a completely optimized page and the option to include the following elements:

  1. Your company’s branding
  2. Copy notifying them they’ve landed on a broken page
  3. Links to the homepage or another page on the website
  4. CTA button that takes your visitor where you want them to go

The best part is, you can do all of this without needing a designer or a developer.

This is what an Instapage 404 page looks like:

How can you use the 404 page plugin feature?

Implementing the 404 page feature only takes a few easy steps:

1. Create a new landing page:

2. Select WordPress as the publishing option in the Instapage app:

3. Add the new page in Instapage WordPress plugin (choose “404 Page” as the page type):

That’s it!

You can even A/B test your 404 page in the Instapage builder to see which variation performs the best. Just add the page variations like you would on any other landing page and WordPress will choose to display a variation randomly. You can even view the 404 page’s analytics in your Instapage dashboard, too.

Excited to create your optimized 404 page? Create your first page on Instapage today!

Make your 404 page fun, make it engaging, make it memorable, and encourage conversions. For some creative inspiration, check out these great 404 pages (just make sure to optimize it with the four page elements above).

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