4 Strategies to Craft Effective Landing Page Headlines

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Headlines are like first impressions.

You get one chance to impress and then it’s game over.

If you aren’t able to sway your visitors by your headline, forget about converting them at all because if they aren’t captivated by your headline they won’t really bother going through the rest of the content; whether what you’ve created is a landing page, a blog post or a marketing manual.

Why are headlines so important you ask?

The headline being the first string of words which comes in front of your visitors is something they actually read, the same cannot be said for the body copy. The initial impression that forms in your visitor’s mind about your company and your service comes from your landing page headline. It doesn’t matter if you somehow conjured Hemingway’s spirit to come write your landing page copy for you, if you’ve failed at creating an attention grabbing headline you’ve basically failed at getting that conversion.

It’s the headline that gets your visitor’s foot through the door, the rest of the landing page i.e. the copy, the form, the image and the CTA helps persuade them yes, but, it is the headline that pulls them further into your page in the first place. It sets the tone for what’s about to follow, and if you miss a note at the start of your song well then the whole melody gets screwed up.

This is why I’ve dedicated today’s post to headlines, and not just any headlines- real conversiontastic headlines- a single line that’ll help you convert your visitors into customers. There’s a science behind crafting the perfect headline, hacks that’ll get you there faster and we’re going to be discussing four of them today.

1. Make your headline one of a kind

The very first thing you need to do is make your headline unique, you want your headline to stand out from the others in your niche because this is the only way through which you can convince your visitors that you’re not just another run of the mill service but that you have something special to offer.

Your average user is bombarded with so much content online that he’s pretty much used to the clichéd BS headlines that almost everyone comes up with, you need to create a headline that is special, something that they haven’t seen before and hence are excited to get their hands on.

Making your headline unique may sound as a risk to some, you must be thinking why not just keep on doing what the others are doing as it does seem to work sometimes. If you just need conversions “sometimes”, go right ahead with the same old boring headlines, however if you want conversions every time craft one of a kind headlines.

I’m not suggesting that you be overly clever with your headlines because this tactic can backfire if you have a fairly simple product for a fairly simple audience such as a gym membership. Being unique doesn’t mean being overly clever.

The Manpacks landing page headline is one of a kind, it’s clear, specific and tells you exactly what the service is about.

2. Make your headline explicit

Along with making your headline unique you need to make sure that it’s explicit about what’s going to come later on the landing page. Your headline should give enough information about your product that your visitor knows from the get-go whether he’s interested in what you’re offering or not.

If you come up with a generic headline that really doesn’t give anything away and just proclaims “number one weight loss product” you’re going to lose your conversion because you didn’t give your visitor a good enough reason to hang around.

When you make your headline specific you essentially let your visitors know just what they’ll be missing if they decide to click away from your page.

Movexa, a company that makes a joint replacement supplement ran a headline A/B test which resulted in the more explicit headline increasing sales by 89%:

3. Make your headline urgent

Putting a clock on things pays off, big time. Just making a good offer to your customers does work, but as soon as you put a time frame on a good offer it soars of into the night. Why? Because making something time specific doesn’t just create a sense of urgency it also makes your offer sound exclusive- something only a handful of people will be able to get because it will soon be taken off the table.

Urgent headlines especially work wonders for e-commerce landing pages. When you let your visitors know that if they don’t get their hands on your offer soon it will be gone, just the idea of losing something (even if they don’t actually need that specific thing at that time) propels them to finish reading the rest of the page and clicking on the CTA button.

Loss aversion works wonders for your conversions, put it to use by creating headlines that are just too hot to pass up on.

The Relentless Movement landing page headline creates a sense of urgency for visitors.

4. Make your headline convey a benefit

The last and most important thing your headline must do in order to retain your visitors’ attention is be useful to them and the only way you can make it useful is by conveying a benefit of your service within your headline.

You want to give your visitors a reason to continue with your page, go past your landing page headline- then you need to give them a benefit of why they should read on. Yes, come up with clever, unique headlines but always make sure that you’re giving your visitors something to nibble on. Most landing pages fail in exactly this aspect, they assume that writing a headline is all about sounding shrewd and they forget to add the basic ingredient; the main benefit and so their conversions suffer.

The Infusionsoft headline and tagline both give away a benefit of the service which is why their visitors are excited to read on.

The benefit that you include in your headline is the incentive that you’re giving your visitors to continue reading the rest of your page.

Headlines can be tricky little suckers but once you know exactly what needs to go into creating good headlines the rest becomes a piece of cake.

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