4 Steps to Creating Compelling and High-Converting Landing Pages

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We all want our landing pages to be compelling, compelling enough to get visitors to take a desired action such as filling out an opt-in form.

The big question is… What does it take to give our landing pages the best chance a performing as expected?

After over 1,351 split tests here is what we have found that.

Headline is everything

If you were to focus on one element alone, I would suggest you spend time on the headline.

A friend of mine once stated that he paid $1,500 for a copywriter to write him a headline and said it was one of the best investments he has ever made in his business. To good reason, as the headline is the driving force behind any page and everything else on the page means nothing if your visitors don’t stick around long enough to see it.

From multiple simple headline changes alone we have shown upwards of 36% improvements in conversion rates. We even have one case where it increased conversions over 100%.

Crazy how just a few short words can have such an impact.

Make sure your headline is engaging and benefit driven.

Bullet points can make a big difference

If you get anything else out of this post, remember this, people don’t read online they skim.

Cluttering up your page with paragraph upon paragraph of what they are going to get turns off visitors and can bring down your conversion rates.

Instead of lengthy descriptions try using simple, concise benefit-driven bullet points.

This is what Hootsuite does.

We ran a test recently that did just that… Took the paragraphs of benefits and features, boiled them down into bullets and it increased conversions more than 40%.

Use images

Images have more weight than you may think when it comes to a high converting landing page. But a warning, use them tastefully and don’t clutter the page with meaningless images including the use of full background images.

On multiple occasions, we have tested the use of full background images and 9 times out of 10 it reduces the conversion rate and in some cases as much as 30%.

We have also tested where the addition of one image that highlighted the product to a landing page increased conversions 118%. They hold some weight.

Keep the same principles with an image as with bullets. Use them as a tool to convey benefits.

Like how Reputation does with its landing page.

Be clear with your intentions

Your landing page should do one thing and one thing only. Take a visitor and lead them down the path of least resistance to the desired action you want them to take.
The old copywriting 101 guide, here is what I have, here is what it will do for you, and here is how to get it.

Your page should have nothing more or nothing than less than to get those three points across. Don’t clutter the page up with other elements that take away from the goal.

Remove excess links that don’t serve the purpose of reaching the end goal and make sure you maximize the space above the fold of the page. Yes, this includes making sure you have a call to action and/or your opt-in form up there as well.

Let me know in the comments what you think…

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