4 Key Elements of Successful Landing Page Videos

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The outlandish title will make perfect sense to you once you mull over the following questions:

As big a Crazy Egg fan that I am, I would watch their explainer video every time rather than go through their website content. It’s not just about the guy with the mustache doing the explaining, it’s about the fact that videos make a larger impact on your brain and hence your purchasing power than paragraphs of copy or still photography.

My intention here is not to boo off copy (why would I?), all I’m trying to say here is that there are newer and more impactful ways to use copy nowadays.

So, instead of writing the benefits of your product or service on your landing page, why not write a video script? We’ve entered into modern times folks; just writing isn’t always enough anymore.

Videos make an impact.

Fiction may help put you to sleep, but facts are what you need by your side when you have an important decision to make. Like whether or not you should make use of an online video.

Well, here’s a fact for you; videos help increase your prospects understanding of your product by a whopping 74%. Those are the kind of odds you want on your side.

80% of online users remember the videos that they’ve seen online, 80%! Your visitors are 64% more likely to buy your product after they’ve seen a video.

And the best part is that demographics don’t really come into play here – whether your target audience is between the ages of 20-30 or 50-60 – online videos will still impact their purchasing decisions.

When you include an online video your click through rates easily double even triple in some cases.

And, there’s a 75% decrease in subscription opt-outs when your visitors have watched an online video and a 51% increase in conversion rates when videos were included in marketing campaigns such as an email marketing campaign.

Why do videos make such an impact?

Well, I’ll tell you why, the same reason why watching Hamlet had a bigger influence on you than just reading the play. Emotions are contagious people, seeing the body language and expressions of someone, even if it’s an animation has a greater effect on the human brain then simply reading a few sentences. Also, you’re likely to share a video more than content.

The movements in the video also helps you remember things, peripheral motion still has its hold on us, even though we don’t live in caves anymore, turns out, we still make our decisions by noticing things that move.

The narration in the video also helps the visitor remember all the traits and benefits of your product, hearing a human voice helps convert simple information into meaningful and contextual content. That’s why reading aloud helped you pass your English literature class. A heated phone conversation stays by your side longer than a sarcastic note, doesn’t it?

So, we really can’t help ourselves but respond more positively to videos, our brain is simply wired that way.

So, what’s the lesson here?

Say yes to landing page videos!

Video has power, we just ascertained that. What you now need to do is take this power and use it to your benefit.

How? By making use of Landing Page Videos!

With a video on your landing page you are able to explain to your visitors everything that needs to be explained; the what, how and why of your product or service in a short span of 60-120 seconds.

Understand this; your visitors would rather watch than read.

Research shows that visitors are likely to read only 28% text of a single website page whereas an average online video is likely to be watched for around 2.7 minutes!

However, just including a video doesn’t do the trick, you have to be smart about things, your video has to have a few pre-requisites. No, there’s nothing fancy involved, just a few D’oh things you need to take care of.

Must haves for landing page videos.

1. Brevity

If your visitors wanted to watch a lengthy boring video they would just go watch a chick flick with their girlfriend. Visitors have a teeny tiny attention span when it comes to landing pages, no bigger than a squirrel’s (which is about 3-4 seconds) so make sure that your video is short, yes explain your service properly but do so in an imaginative way as quickly as you can.

Use animations instead of using actors if you think that’s better, add good quality graphics and a good voice over and background music. Most importantly make sure that your video explains your message properly, because at the end of the day that’s what your visitors will be left with. Don’t be cheap with the costs, and please don’t just make a slideshow of stock photography and think you’ve made a video.

2. Auto play is a No-No

The most annoying thing that you can come across on a Video Landing Page is being caught off-guard with the video auto playing and you spilling your mocha latte all over yourself.

Don’t be desperate!

Setting your video on auto play is like shoving your message down your visitors’ throats. Give them a choice to play your video and they will, however if you force them to watch by playing it for them then they’ll never come a knocking again.

3. A CTA Button

Yes, you’ve opted for a video, perhaps instead of copy, but you still need to Call your visitors to action, how else would they know how to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

You can either do a voiceover CTA button or you can just do it with graphics, but don’t forget to include it because if your visitors actually get convinced by your video they’re going to wanna click somewhere.

Want more CTA button ideas? Convince & Convert has some great ones.

4. Be Mindful of The Language

The language in your video, or your video script has a big role to play in its success, is it filled with business jargon that only you would understand or is it words that your visitors can relate to? If it’s the former, you need to make some serious script changes.

Don’t alienate your visitors. Are you ready to say a gazillion words with your landing page video?