3 Reasons Why Awesome Landing Pages Often Use White Space

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Even though landing pages have been breeding like rabbits in the last couple of years, it’s still hard to come across truly awesome landing pages. I find this kind of sad because setting up awesome landing pages isn’t that difficult.

In fact, it’s so possible that you can set up your very own array of awesome landing pages by just following a single simple design wonder; I call it a design wonder because it is! Who knew something so simple could be so powerful? Well someone did which is why you see white space on all awesome landing pages that you come across!

White Space Really is All That!

I’m not advocating for white space just because I feel like it. I’m doing this because white space helps enhance user experience on your landing pages and once you make your visitors happy you increase the chances of them transforming into your customers.

This is why white space is found on awesome landing pages, and these landing pages are awesome because they enhance user experience.

3 Ways White Space Makes Awesome Landing Pages

1. Makes Your Landing Page Elements Prominent

When you surround your landing page elements with white space you essentially make them more prominent, they draw more attention from your visitors, hence making them memorable.

If you want your landing page elements to stick around in your visitors’ head for a longer time, surround them with white space.

Look at how Apple makes use of white space on their iPhone landing page.

2. Increases Landing Page Readability

When you insert some powerful white space in the margins of your landing page you increase the readability of your landing page copy. And not only that, with the help of white space your visitors get a better chance of focusing on your copy.

The copy on your awesome landing pages is what explains your product or service to your visitors; make sure they understand what you’re trying to say by using ample white space.

3. Improves User Experience

This is the big one, with the help of white space you get to make awesome landing pages that have an enhanced user experience, which basically means that as soon as your visitors step onto your landing page they feel at home.

When you have white space on your landing page you don’t have clutter, which means that your visitors get to feast their eyes on a visual treat and not on a hot cluttered mess.

It helps create clarity and legibility on your landing page, which leads your visitors right to your CTA button and you on your way to getting increased conversions.

If you want awesome landing pages, try splashing white space on your page and then just watch the magic happen.

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