3 Items to Never Include in a Sales Page

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If you have some marvelous product or service up your sleeve that you now wish to share with the rest of the world, you must be running around in a frenzy trying to make lots of decisions at once. You’re probably thinking about what to do with the branding or how to determine your price point.

Tell me this though while making all these decisions did you ever once consider that you need to create a sales page?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then give yourself a pat on the back because you’re on the right track. It doesn’t matter how spot on your branding is and how low your price point, if you haven’t created the right sales page, all your efforts pretty much go down the drain.

Why Do You Need to Create a Sales Page?

Did I just give you the impression that if you don’t create a sales page your product is almost destined to fail? The reason I did this is because that’s the absolute truth if you don’t create a sales page and target your audience with a single optimized firecracker page, conversions simply won’t come that easily.

You need to create a sales page to streamline your visitors into one place so that they leave your page as impressed customers.

Now that we have established that a sales page is essential to your campaign let’s just discuss how is it that you can come up with an effective sales page that brings in a lot of conversions.

Well, that’s simple, just avoid making the following mistakes when you’re about to create a sales page.

1. Never Include Monotonous Copy When You Create a Sales Page

Stay as far away as you can from boring text when creating your sales page. I know that your copy needs to inform your visitors of what your product can do for them, but you can also do so in a concise manner.

Don’t drag your copy so long that your visitors simply fall asleep reading it; make it short and interesting. Divide it into paragraphs and give sub-headings.

Example: Evernote Landing Page

2. Stay Away From Bland Headlines When You Create a Sales Page

The headline on your sales page isn’t that different from a newspaper headline, it needs to be worded in a way that it draws people in instead of shooing them away. Bland headlines don’t have a positive effect on your visitors and is exactly why adding a little sugar and spice to it is crucial.

When deciding on your headline, think big and catchy!

Here’s another example for you:

3. Not Adding a Clear CTA when You Create a Sales Page

Not putting a clear CTA button on your sales page is one of the biggest errors that a marketer can make. Why? Because it is the call-to-action button that converts your page’s visitors into your customers, tell me who in their right mind would want to mess that up?

Not you I’m sure!

Which is why, when you create a sales page you need to be careful about your CTA, make sure it’s prominent, clear and basically the star of your sales page.

Example: Opera Browser Landing Page

If you stay away from these three flaws when you create a sales page, you’re sure to get a lot of customers in your basket.