3 Items to Avoid When Using Landing Page Videos

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How long do you suppose a 3 year old plays with one toy after another one is put in front of him?


As soon as he sees something else that’s new and shiny he leaves one thingamabob and runs to play with the other and then another and this is how the cookie crumbles.

Your online visitor is just like a 3 year old, sure he’ll click to your page but if he finds something shinier elsewhere he’ll go running towards that. This is why marketers spend so much of their time optimizing their landing pages – pouring over every nook and cranny of the page making sure that everything is perfect.

Many marketers keeping in mind this short attention span theory opt to include a video on their landing page. They think people would rather watch something than read it and so they pour all of their energy into making a video.

What marketers forget to grasp here is the fact that yes videos make an impact but not every video makes an impact – the video that you put on your landing page needs to be good in order to retain visitor attention and get you that conversion.

This is what this post is all about – things you don’t want to do when it comes to your landing page videos. However, before we begin with the nays I think it’s pertinent to explain why is it that videos make such an impact in the first place.

The impact of videos

A helpful statistic.

A 51% increase in conversion rates was seen when videos were included in marketing campaigns.


Emotions are contagious, seeing the body language and expressions of someone, even if it’s an animated duck has a greater effect on the human brain than simply reading a few lines of copy.

Also, visitors are likely to share a video than content. The movements in the video whether that’s just you gesturing to explain something or your animated duck dancing up and down helps visitors remember things, peripheral motion still has its hold on us, even though we don’t live in caves anymore, turns out, we still make our decisions by noticing things that move.

The narration in the video also helps the visitor remember all the traits and benefits of your product, hearing a human voice helps convert simple information into meaningful and contextual content. That’s why an angry phone conversation stays by your side longer than a sarcastic note.

With the help of landing page videos you are able to explain to your visitors everything that needs to be explained; the what, how and why of your product or service in a short span of a few seconds.

Research shows that visitors are likely to read only 28% text of a single website page whereas an average online video is likely to be watched for around 2.7 minutes.

The nays of landing page videos

1. Unnecessarily lengthy videos

You know what the easiest part of your landing page video is? Getting your visitor to click play – because sheer curiosity will urge him to do so, however if your video just doesn’t seem to come to an end the visitor will click the exit button. And if your visitor has left before he saw the call to action well then say bye bye to your conversion.

A 45-90 second video is all that you need to convey the benefits of your product or service on your landing page. Don’t bore them with a pointlessly long video. Make sure that your video explains your message properly, because at the end of the day that’s what your visitors will be left with. Don’t be cheap with the costs, and please don’t just make a slideshow of stock photography and assume that you’ve made a video.

Create a high quality video and then put it on your landing page along with a clear call to action and then just see the conversion come flying in.

2. A video that’s just me, me, me

Just as your landing page copy shouldn’t be all, “me, myself and I” the video script that you write for your video shouldn’t just focus on you and your company. Talk about your customer, understand their problem and then explain to them how clicking on the call to action button is going to make that problem go away.

Don’t begin with – “here’s what we’re offering you today” instead go for “here’s how we’re going to help you today”.

Yes, explain your service but not from your point of view but from the point of view of your visitors, they should feel that the landing page video is about them and not about you.

3. A video that’s unprepared

Creating a landing page video isn’t something that you do spontaneously- it’s not like you wake up one day and think well today I’m going to make my video and so you turn on your web cam and sit in front of your computer with an unshaven face and hit record.

If you want your videos to get you conversions you need to put in the necessary time and effort. Write out a proper video script – don’t mumble your way through half the video. Do a practice run before you shoot the real thing and if you find that something isn’t right – edit the video and reshoot it.

If you half-ass your way through your landing page videos you really shouldn’t expect to get any conversions. Another annoying thing that you can do with your videos is set them on autoplay.

There’s no need to be desperate.

Autoplaying your video is like shoving your message down your visitors’ throats. Give them a choice to play your video and they will, however if you force them to watch by playing it for them then they’re sure to bounce.

Looking into including a video on your landing page? Make sure you do it right and stay away from these notorious nays of landing page videos.