3 Crucial Elements for Effective Mobile Landing Pages

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Tell me something honestly, when you’re setting up a landing page who are you doing it for?

Your Aunt Georgina and Uncle Fester?

Your annoying neighbor down the street or your ex-girlfriend?

I love your nails too much to let you chew them off, which is why I’m going to answer the question for you; and the answer to the question is:

Cue the drum roll, please… All of the above!

You build, publish and optimize your landing pages for EVERYBODY – to be specific, for your target audience.

The Bread Crumb Trail

However, your target audience rarely comes looking for your offer on its own accord; you need to leave a bread crumb trail for them just like Hansel and Gretel did. You need to make your offer (and by extension) your landing page painfully visible to all your visitors.

And where are most eyes these days? That’s right on iPads and Black Berrys, this is why building a mobile landing page is so important today.

Mobile landing pages are constructed just like other landing pages; the only difference is that your mobile landing page is especially designed for smaller screens of smartphones.

Important Elements of a Mobile Landing Page

As I mentioned above as well, a mobile landing page is meant for smaller screens, which is why it can’t really have all the elements that a text landing page has; some things have to be stripped to achieve better conversions.

Your mobile landing page should have:

1. A Buzz Worthy Heading

The heading that goes on top of your mobile landing page should be able to create some buzz amongst your visitors; as this is the only way that you’ll get them to share your mobile landing page with others.

When cooking up your heading think SOS:

S: Short
O: Out of The Ordinary
S: Sweet

2. A Sensational Image

You can not put up a boring image on your mobile landing page and then expect it to do well with your visitors. Which is why, your mobile landing page needs an image that sparks up your visitors’ interest, something that’s relevant yet interesting!

3. A Clear CTA Button

Your CTA button is one of the most important elements of your landing page regardless of the type of landing page you are building. The CTA of your mobile landing page needs to be prominent and very clear as to what your visitors will get when they click on it.

Building a Mobile Landing Page with Instapage

As Instapage promises to help you in all your landing page needs, it helps you build publish and optimize your mobile landing pages as well and that too with a lot of ease.

Instapage offers all its users pre-made mobile landing page templates, which they can edit and personalize to their liking with a lot of ease and comfort.

Just add your desired elements into place.

The Instapage dashboard and landing page software are extremely easy to use; so, your mobile landing page is ready within just a few clicks of your mouse!

The whole world has gone mobile; it’s time your landing page does the same.

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