20 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates

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Thanks to services like Instapage, A/B split testing is an easy process that no longer requires a great deal of expertise. As you may know the Instapage software allows you to drag, drop, and visually edit components of your page to test and improve your conversion rates. The tools make editing pages simple, but the edits you make are what will make or break your conversion rate. Let’s take a look at 20 variables that can affect, harm and improve your conversion rate.

1. Make Sure Your Page is Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of searches are now coming from mobile devices and this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Instapage offers desktop and mobile friendly landing pages so make sure you take the time to setup the mobile version as well. It is quick, easy, and certainly well worth it.

2. Compelling Headline Copy

8 seconds is the average amount of time you have to capture the interest of a visitor. Your headline should tell them what you offer and why they need it. Short, sweet, and to the point works best for headline copy.

3. Concise Page Copy

Internet readers often have a short attention span and they expect clear, concise, and easily scanned information. Avoid using long blocks of text, make use of subheadings, and do not add “fluff” to your page. If the information does not show the problem, build trust, or offer the solution, leave it out.

4. Use Natural Language

Robots are not your customers so don’t write like it is for them. If you want people to join your newsletter just tell them to sign up for weekly tips, no need to be overly formal. If you want then to complete a form, tell them what to do, what will happen, and why they should.

5. Use Visuals to Make Text Stand Out

If you are making a very important point on your page make sure that it does not blend with the rest of your copy. Bold the text, change the font size, and use a different color to draw the reader to your unique selling points.

Images are also a great way to guide readers to important text or calls to action on your page. Including arrows, bullet points, and images looking at your key points have all been proven effective countless times. Here is one of my favorite examples of this method:

6. Video

We lived in a media crazed world that consumes video content on a massive scale. People would much rather be told and shown what you can do than have to read about it. If you have a good explainer video or a great customer testimonial, highlight it on your page. Make it nearly impossible not to watch and then provide clear instructions for what to do after watching.

7. Background Colors

The color schemes of a website set the mood for a visitor as soon as they see a page. Over the years certain colors have been linked to different emotions and moods. Black and gray for example is used for a formal and corporate feel. Red can mean danger, passion, or aggression. Business Insider put together a complete list of common web colors and their meanings, I suggest looking it over for color variation ideas.

8. CTA Button Colors

As with the background and overall color scheme of your page, the color choice for your buttons can make a big impact on conversions. When selecting your button colors be sure to choose colors that stand out. The buttons color that works best for you will depend upon several factors so I suggest testing 5-10 different colors and measuring the results.

9. Call to action

Great! You have found a button color that really stands out and draws the viewer in; now what? The text you use on your CTA button needs to convey a clear message about what they get when they click it. Historically terms like “submit” and “send” do not convert nearly as wells as more descriptive terms such as “download your free copy” or “sign up for special offers.”

10. Social Proof

It has been said that social media is the “word-of-mouth” of the online community. When someone visits your page you have a very short time to build trust with them. Social proof is a great and easy way to do it though. If you have a page the 150K people like, it must be awesome and therefore trustworthy to visitors. Even without that many likes or shares, including social proof is very effective.

11. Testimonials

These have been included in landing pages since the start of online marketing and for good reason. People like what others like. You can tell them all day how good your product is but a story about it from your customer will be far more effective. If possible you should link testimonials to the customer site or social profile to build even greater credibility with your visitors. If you are not using testimonials, you need to start, if you already are, try testing the placement of them to boost conversions.

12. Removing Captchas

This one is a very simple; don’t use captchas on your forms. People hate them and will often leave because of them. As a matter of you can find a great post about captchas and the damage they do on the Moz Blog. Remove captchas and boost conversions. Simple enough right?

13. Number of Fields on Lead Capture Form

While we are trimming the fat from our lead forms, let’s talk about what information you should collect. Countless studies have shown that the less fields the better. I would suggest limiting your form name, number, email, and URL If applicable to your service. This allows you to gather the necessary information to contact the lead without overwhelming them with questions. As with everything, I recommend testing variations of form fields to find the sweet spot for your niche.

14. Isolate Visitors and Eliminate Distractions

The purpose of your landing page is promoting a conversion. Anything that does not help you convert the visitor is just a distraction. Landing pages built around making users take a single action always perform better than similar pages with added options. Keep your images, text, and video to the point.

15. Integrate Live Chat

Regardless of how well written the copy on your landing page is, some visitors are going to have questions. Offering a list of FAQs could distract the user from the main purpose of the page and take them to another page not designed directly for lead capturing. Instead of risking a reduced conversion rate, add live chat to your page so you can promptly address any questions and keep the customer focused. According to a study by Forrestor Research “Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.”

16. Finding the Right Traffic

Without traffic to your website it will be impossible to test variables and even the best landing pages won’t do you any good. Generating traffic can be done through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay per click advertising. Paid traffic from PPC and Social allows you to rapidly generate traffic so that you can test your pages and measure conversions instantly. SEO is more of a long term strategy since it will take at least three months to rank for most terms. If your budget allows, a combination of online marketing strategies will likely give you the best results.

17. Make a Lasting Impression

Do you remember that really boring commercial that goes nowhere? Me neither! If you want to build a brand and grow a following you need to be memorable. Your pages should capture the attention of your visitor and excite them about what you are offering. Let’s use Instapage as an example, “We help over 31,000 businesses acquire more customers”. That is impressive and it tells us exactly what they could do for us. They then go on to show us some examples of notable brands they have helped, again making a memorable impression.

18. Add Value Offers on Landing Pages

This tip actually began with door to door salesman but it works just as well today. People like to get special offers. Tell them about your awesome product or service, show them the value of it, and then offer them a time sensitive discount. This plays on our underlying psyche and drives conversions through the roof when done properly.

19. Offer Free Trials or Money Back Guarantees

A great landing page is like a salesman. Offering a free trial or money back guarantee is a great strategy to take away hesitation from the consumer. If you have a great service, offering a free trial can increase your conversion rate significantly. Similar results are seen with money back guarantees on products and services. Make sure your page visitors have nothing to lose by taking action and they will take it more often!

20. Displaying Terms of Services and Policies

Although a pretty basic element, many people fail to display this information. The internet has been known to be a seedy place at times and offering a clear outline of how you do business can help to build credibility and trust in your brand. Take the time to write a TOS or use one of the templates available, just make sure you have one. The privacy policy can be short and to the point, just make sure visitors know how you will use the information you collect from them.

Taking the time to review the factors covered above and setting up tests of variations of these factors can yield amazing improvements for your company. Even a small percentage increase could lead to a 6 figure boost in your yearly earnings. Test early and often and you will be rewarded.