15 Tips to Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

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When it comes to landing page performance there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Ultimately, the only way marketers know what works and what doesn’t is to test it. But what elements can you change and test for the biggest impact?

In this blog, we’ll walk through 15 expert-approved tips for improving your landing page performance (with examples!).

Tip #1: Design for mobile-first

Did you know that the majority of today’s web traffic is from mobile devices? Because of this, it’s absolutely critical that you prioritize your landing page mobile experience. Use responsive design, try to keep the page concise, and prompt your mobile visitors to take action (with the least amount of friction possible).

See how Instacart leverages a mobile-first landing page approach:

Tip #2: Create message-match consistency

Matching your messaging between your ads and landing pages is one of the best ways to gain trust with your audience. Make sure you maintain consistency in message, tone, visuals, and overall branding.

See how HubSpot achieves this:

Tip #3: Remove navigation bars and footers

Compelling landing pages keep the visitor focused on conversion with a singular call-to-action (CTA). By removing distractions and exit opportunities, you’ll force your visitors to focus on the conversion offer presented to them.

Here’s an example from website builder Wix:

Tip #4: Use visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy refers to the order in which people notice visual elements on a page. By leveraging this principle on your landing pages, you can be intentional with the information you display, and how your visitors will process it.

Pro tip: Viewers naturally assume elements are important when they:

Kitchenware company Sur La Table does a great job of using placement, size, and color contrast to juggle multiple offers:

Tip #5: Optimize for skimming

Here’s a fact that no proud marketer wants to admit: it’s highly unlikely that your audience will read all of your copy and content. People will naturally skim the page, so you should design your landing page through that lens. Visitors will enter the page through the largest element–usually an image or headline–then unconsciously use F and Z patterns to skim down the page for subheaders, bullets, and bolded content. So use that to your marketing advantage!

Online learning site Udemy does this well by enhancing skimming optimization with bold headlines and bullet points–calling out valuable information:

Tip #6: Ask a question

The best way to engage your visitor? Ask a question! Questions can be effective because they naturally prompt a response in the form of reflection, which is more effective than commanding your visitors to buy, read, download, etc.

For example, instead of saying “Get the guide to doubling your app downloads,” try asking “Would you like to double your app downloads?” Naturally, the answer will be yes.

AdEspresso uses this tactic to promote their training sessions:

Tip #7: Showcase benefits with a hero shot

Copywriting 101: stress benefits over features. Your customers don’t care about a feature unless they understand how it will help them. Big, bold hero images are often the visual equivalent of leading with a feature-first mentality.

Here’s an example from wearable weight brand Bala Bangles:

Tip #8: Incorporate video

In an online world where we’re all competing for attention, video can be your secret weapon. Showing what your product or service can do (rather than telling) can take you a long way, making your offer easy to digest.

Paddleboard company BOTE Board offers an adorable explanatory video showing how their product works:

Tip #9: Try an AI content generator

With the help of AI, writer’s block is becoming a thing of the past. New technology allows you to generate content such as headlines, product descriptions, ads, CTAs, etc. Don’t be scared to use AI to your advantage when brainstorming new copy to test on your landing pages.

The Instapage platform includes a built-in AI Content Generator:

Tip #10: Use scarcity and urgency

Scarcity can be a powerful tool for influencing and driving conversions. People are naturally drawn to exclusivity, so if they believe your product or service is in limited supply, they’ll want to grab it before it’s gone.

For example, if your product is rare or in high-demand, like a virtual course running out of space, try a phrase like “limited seats available” to instill a sense of urgency and entice potential customers to sign-up before they miss out.

Note: scarcity isn’t always appropriate. If you’ve already used this tactic and it’s not paying off, it’s possible you’ve tried it too many times and in the wrong context. The secret to scarcity is that it must be true. If you implement this strategy for every product or service, you’ll quickly lose credibility with your visitors.

Urgency works much like scarcity–but relating to time. SwissWatchExpo uses urgency to advertise their time-sensitive discount:

Tip #11: Use contrasting colors

Contrasting colors enhance readability. If your landing page is white and your font is light gray, it will be hard to read. For the best readability on screens, use a light-colored background on and a dark font.

Planoly creates a high level of contrast by consistently using black text on a light background and on their bright CTA buttons:

Tip #12: Check your copy length

Can you eliminate a paragraph? Are there filler words you can cut out? Your copy should be as short as possible–while still conveying all the necessary information.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some pages require longer copy, and that’s okay! If you’ve tried short content and you’re not seeing results, ask yourself what information may be missing.

Impossible Foods has been around for over a decade, but many potential customers have never tried a plant-based meat substitute. See how they use longer copy with captivating imagery to give an overview of their benefits:

Tip #13: Prepopulate forms whenever you can

To remove friction prepopulate your forms wherever possible. If a returning visitor has already claimed an asset or made a purchase from you, it’s likely you have data such as their name, email, etc. Don’t make them enter it again. If you have these details, prefill them during future visits on your site.

Tip #14: Make your CTA button obvious

Creativity is a powerful tool for marketers. However, going overboard with your CTA button variations such as irregular shapes or low contrast can confuse visitors and cause them to miss your button. Don’t make that mistake! Always aim for clarity with buttons and make sure they stand out on the page.
To change things up, here’s a BAD EXAMPLE. This CTA button can be easy to overlook, Contrast, color, and font size can help with this:

Tip #15: Include testimonials

Testimonials will add credibility to any offer. They’re powerful because they’re not ad copy–instead, they’re a form of social proof provided by a satisfied customer. Pro tip: ensure your testimonials offer as much detail about the customer as possible to validate the fact that the positive review came from a real person–not from your marketing department.

Naturally, we have to share one of the ways we leverage Instapage testimonials in on our pages:

There you have it–15 tips to boost your landing page performance. But you didn’t think that was all, did you? We’ve compiled a more detailed list for you in our ebook, 46 tips for High-Performing Landing Pages.

Remember–the key is to continuously test and iterate to find what works best for your business and goals. Now, go forth and create landing pages that make a lasting impact!

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