Turn More AdWords Clicks Into Conversions with Instapage

Build keyword and message-matched AdWords landing pages at scale, in minutes, without a developer.

Relevant Post-Click Experience

Increase ROI on Every AdWords Campaign with a Landing Page Platform

The Landing Page is Where Conversion Happens

Deliver bottom-line results with landing pages that generate more conversions.

Easily build fast-loading landing pages that increase your Quality Score.

Drive more, better quality conversions with a relevant landing page for every keyword.

Increased Page Performance

Lower CPA

Why Choose Instapage

Choose from 200+ customizable, conversion-optimized templates to create a page in minutes.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Rich Template Library

Heatmaps and A/B Testing

Ensure every ad is message-matched to a landing page for a seamless user experience.

Test and optimize your AdWords landing pages to drive higher conversion rates.

For Digital Marketers

Your mission is to launch successful campaigns across paid search & paid social, content, email — anywhere there’s potential revenue. You need results. You don’t have time to wait on designers and developers. You need a platform that creates personalized pages in minutes.

For Agency Leadership

Your clients want to see ROI. Creating great ads that not only drive high click-through rates, but landing pages that convert is how you succeed. You need a powerful landing page platform that integrates with every marketing tool in your clients’ stacks.

The Instapage Platform

Powerful Landing Page Builder

Add a tracking pixel to your landing pages for easy remarketing to visitors.

Build stunning, on-brand, conversion-optimized landing pages for every ad group.

Integrate directly with AdWords and Analytics to see variation data and track cost-per-visitor and cost-per-lead across your pages.

20+ Native Integrations

Page Grouping

Track page performance, including conversion rates, unique visitors, and traffic across mobile and desktop.

Match landing pages with ad groups for more efficient campaign management.

Mobile-Responsive Page Creation

Easily create mobile-optimized pages with mobile aspect ratio locking and one-click mobile page version generation.

Seamlessly integrate with all the tools in your marketing stack, including Salesforce, Marketo, and more.

Analytics Dashboards

Heatmaps and A/B Testing

Drop-in Pixel Tracking

Analyze visitor behavior with heat maps, then create page variations to split test and optimize for conversions.

Google AdWords & Analytics Integrations (Enterprise Plan)

Real-time Collaboration

Advertising Attribution (Enterprise Plan)

Securely share with stakeholders and get instant feedback and edits to accelerate the landing page review process.

Send lead metadata to downstream systems like marketing automation and CRM to track full-funnel analytics.


"We were previously sending traffic directly to a generic tour page, but when we created keyword, message-matched landing pages with Instapage, we were able to see conversion rates lift up to 254%."

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